Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wismer, Blake deserve our help

Bendagate is as ugly a scandal as any in South Dakota history.

From my inbox with some blog-added hyperlinks:
Larry --
After I unrelentingly pursued answers about the EB-5 program, Republican Sen. Larry Tidemann stated that he will finally request Joop Bollen to testify at the September 24 Government Operations and Audit Committee meeting.
If you remember, Sen. Tidemann tried to silence me at the last GOAC meeting when I made a motion to subpoena Joop Bollen to get answers for the people of South Dakota.
While I am glad Sen. Tidemann and the Committee are finally doing what is right for South Dakotans, it's frustrating that the Republicans in Pierre won't acknowledge the need for both parties to work together to seek answers answers about the EB-5 program.
Republicans in Pierre are sending a message that their party is more important than the people of South Dakota. You and I both know that we need a governor with a balanced perspective who can work with both parties. It's time to stop the one-party rule in Pierre! Together, we can do better!
Susan Wismer
Please join this interested party and send the most you can afford.

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