Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wolf reports prove SDGFP wrong on cougar slaughter

Gregory Johnson of Lead is an ecoterrorist:
According to the complaint, Johnson shot the lion illegally from the road. Additionally, he was cited for exceeding the maximum rounds of cartridges in a firearm while big game hunting. In other words he was using an illegal rifle with a 30-round clip. [Alexandra Montgomery, KOTA teevee]
Wolves are considered a federal endangered species in South Dakota.
Dave Whitaker was temporarily stunned when he saw what looked like a black wolf. According to published reports, Whitaker is not the only one who believes he may have seen a wolf recently in the Black Hills. At least three Spearfish residents thought they saw wolves near their homes this week and in December, according to the Associated Press. [Meredith Colias, Rapid City Journal]
Buy 'em books and buy 'em books then they wad 'em up and use 'em for toilet paper.
On Monday Spearfish resident Pete McNamee called the Spearfish Police Department to report a wolf sighting near Windmill Drive shortly after 11 a.m. [Mark Watson, Black Hills Pioneer]
From the RCJ:
The gray wolf found dead Monday morning near Pine Ridge made a 400-mile journey from Yellowstone National Park to southwest South Dakota in less than two months, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wolf specialist said Tuesday. Mike Jimenez of Jackson, Wyo., said information received from the radio-transmitter collar on the wolf identified it as a 3- to 4-year-old male that was part of a wolf pack in the southeast part of Yellowstone. --Kevin Woster, Rapid City Journal
South Dakota Game, Fish, and Plunder has been systematically exterminating the cougar population that had been discouraging wolves from migrating into the state.

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Bill Dithmer said...

Not just in those places Larry. At least as far east as the Keya Paha south of Winner, and also within five miles of this ranch house near the badlands. Sometime I'll tell the story of how they got here, but not now.

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