Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Texans resisting KXL land grab; Paul/Romney alliance

Public Radio International's Living on Earth is a favorite: host Bruce Gellerman cares deeply for the efforts to preserve Earth. This week's broadcast interview, locally aired by KUNM, includes a litigant in the lawsuit seeking to expose the TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline as a bad precedent:
Leading the charge against the taking of private property by a private company is Debra Medina. She’s a former Republican candidate for governor and head of the property rights group “We Texans.”
A Republican that's not an earth hater? Seems incredulous.

An Texas judge dissolved the restraining order; now movements toward construction continue.

No means no: act350. #nokxl.

Chris Cillizza on Diane Rehm Show: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul very close friends and supporting each other's campaigns.

Ralph Nader locks horns with NPR's ombudsman for not covering progressives.

Naomi Klein muses: is Bill Clinton making a play for a blue Texas?

Montana Governor Schweitzer derides Koch Brothers' influence in local elections:

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