Monday, February 20, 2012

Catholics, RCJ leading neo-Fascist movement, red state failure

Lee Enterprises stock has been in freefall: now, panic has gripped its publishers. Having squandered their popularity, The Montana Standard and Helena Independent Record have consolidated their bureaus after enjoying respectable readerships and advertisers by pandering to the Catholic clergy.

Rapid City is considered by many demographers the most racist town in the United States. The Rapid City Journal is controlled by Catholics. Now, its masters are forcing the silencing of dissent.

And, it's not Rick Santorum's fault: he was doomed at birth. Earth made humans, not the other way around. AlterNet tells readers that the propaganda deployed by hypocritheocrites is the same as that deployed by other Fascists to kill thousands. Here is a sliver of the reposted piece from AlterNet:
It was the underpinning of the regimes of Mussolini in Italy, The National Catholicism of Francisco Franco, in Spain; The Parti Rexiste in Belgium; The Irish Blueshirts; The CroatianUstaše, the Nazi puppet government in Croatia, and ultimately, was the kind of Catholicism practiced by the Sainted Josemaría Escrivá, founder of the Catholic order Opus Dei. The goal of fascism was to have the state take over every aspect of ordinary life. To live under a fascist state was to be part of the state itself. Family life, social life, and the professional world were all absorbed into state and party identity in fascist societies. The intent, ultimately, was for to make it impossible to have an individual life or identity outside of the context of the state.
The Journal has been stingy in its coverage of the sex abuse of Natives by the Diocese of Rapid City, too.

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