Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ron Paul talks up cannabis in ND; Gary Johnson in CO

Lee Enterprises is rebounding on today's New York Stock Exchange as the Dow crosses 13,000 for the first time since the collapse of the Bush43 regime.

The Bismarck Tribune is covering the earth hater presidential campaign where reporter Nick Smith caught up with Texas Representative Ron Paul:
Paul was in Jamestown on Monday afternoon before traveling to Bismarck. He also made stops in Williston and Dickinson on Sunday. In Jamestown, Paul was critical of the federal government's ban on the cultivation of industrial hemp, a crop that is related to marijuana but does not have its mind-affecting properties. Industrial hemp is grown in neighboring Canada and other countries, where it is used to make paper, lotions, clothing and biofuels. North Dakota's Legislature and Agriculture Department have pushed allowing hemp to be grown in the state. A state lawmaker who wanted to cultivate the crop filed an unsuccessful lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration, seeking a declaration that doing so would be legal.
Maybe an ip reader can direct us to a Paul policy paper describing whether he favors GMO hemp or its non-organic cultivation.

While no legal subsidies for growing cannabis in the US yet exist (although federal law enforcement is routinely culpable for its illegal cultivation and distribution), earth haters are paid billions in corporate welfare to perpetrate ecoterrorism.

Libertarian Presidential hopeful, Gary Johnson, is campaigning in Colorado according to a piece reposted at Cannabis Culture:
It's inevitable," he maintains. "When I came out in support of legalizing marijuana in 1999, 35 percent of Americans supported legalizing it -- maybe even less. Then, three months ago, Gallup did a poll that showed 50 percent of Americans now support legalizing marijuana. And this is the first time it's been a fifty-fifty debate.


Stan Gibilisco said...

While I can't quite bring myself to support outright legalization of cannabis -- yet -- I do favor decriminalizing it. You know, maybe a $100 ticket for the possession of amounts under one ounce, $500 for two to four ounces.

Dealing dope is a pretty serious business. I think it ought to constitute a serious misdemeanor at least, unless we really do legalize the stuff.

Maybe total legalization would produce new revenue and get rid of an awful lot of cases where people end up in the University of Crime for no good reason.

I've been there, done that, and it's over, a nonissue for me.

Pot was not criminal in Minnesota in 1976. So I tried it at the University in Minneapolis in my senior year, had some fun with it, and then, when I went out into the real world from that sheltered environment, dropped it.


Pot did nothing for me other than lower my grade-point average, make me laugh at stuff that wasn't funny, write stupid things, and make me inhale entire boxes of Cheerios all at once (cardboard and all), and then not eat anything for two days afterward. Stayed skinny as a rail.

I think that it's ridiculous to throw people in prison for consuming this silly weed. But I'll never touch it again. I have enough trouble keeping the equations straight even when I'm 110-percent green-cold sober on Diet Mountain Dew.

larry kurtz said...

Sometimes, I think the feds keep it illegal so our population stays aggressively violent as a pretense for productivity as in: time is money.

Fear is powerful motivator, Mr. Gibilisco: thank you for your candid reflections.

Will be in touch.

larry kurtz said...

PPP: Washington State polling on legalization.