Sunday, September 25, 2011

7000 foot bucket list done

Ok, that's done.

i have been on the seven named seven thousand foot peaks in the Black Hills: Harney, Terry, Crooks Tower, Crows Nest, Bear, now Odakota and Green.

Odakota Mountain just got a little higher than its listed 7205 feet

a little note in a time capsule at the summit where visitors with pen or pencil have recorded their impressions of South Dakota's second highest peak

Harney Peak as shot through the dead ponderosa pine from just below the hat-shaped summit

Harney Peak shot from Green Mountain


freegan said...


larry kurtz said...

The aspen leaves are as red in some places as the dead pine needles. How 'bout SW Montana?

freegan said...

Leaves are turning, lots of bright yellows,oranges,and reds. I just got 7 more fruit and nitrogen fixin trees to add to our food forest, they are starting to change as well. Earth will be aligned with comet Elenin, Mercury and sun today,some predict earthquakes???? Obama Will Be In Denver Airport Bunker For Elenin Alignment Sept. 27

Anonymous said...

Any sign of aurorae due to elevated solar activity? Great photo at the Updraft blog shot from Kennebec SD.


freegan said...

I watched for some last two nights but yet to see any here

Anonymous said...

Actually, there are eight 7,000 foot summits in the Black Hills. Sylvan Peak, the official highpoint of Custer County is 7,000 feet exactly. Check it out on Lists of John.

larry kurtz said...

Thank you very much! Am in the Hills right now and will ascend it posthaste. Great comment!