Friday, September 16, 2011

Mona Road

The divide between the Little Missouri and the Belle Fourche drainages is not very wide: less than a mile just west of the Missouri Buttes. At that location it's not difficult to visualize how humans migrating into the region some 12,000 years ago seeking shelter and food sources found their way into lands free of glaciation.

Oak returning after a 2003 wildfire along Oak Creek Road north of Aladdin.

Baldy and St. Onge Peak on the Crooked Oaks Road. There is a medicine wheel on the ridge that connects these hills.

odd formation at Orman Dam


caheidelberger said...

Man, I need to get out in the country more!

Fine photos, friend. But 'fess up: you built that inukshuk at the dam, didn't you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

There is much to see, Cory; the rocks of the Hills have DNA of their own. I have never seen Orman Dam so full and so clean this late in the season. Those stacked stones are found with pyrite nodules, ammonites, and nautilus fossils excavated by water and wind.

The snow will fly soon enough: it's good to be outside.

Anonymous said...

Blogger doesn't see my phone.


Anonymous said...

Btw, St. Onge and Baldy Peaks are named backwards in the photo.