Friday, December 29, 2017

Here are the best hits of 2017

Since The Dakota Progressive is taking up most of my blogging time ip is not updated nearly as often although total hit counts are holding up well anyway. Daily counts for each blog usually run neck and neck.

Blogger added a widget to track the most-hit posts in a year so it's easier to compile the list. Totals are for all time but these posts were the most hit for the year in descending order.

Thanks to all who visit!

Krebs Deep Throat for Noem Tryst Post 7,263 hits.
US Air Force dumping hazardous waste over PRTC 873 hits, 2017 post
Corps cancel Spring pulse, acknowledge native fish doomed 863 hits, 2017 post
Rapid City Journal ends racist reader comments 801 hits, 2017 post
Socialized agriculture driving Spring wildfire season 720 hits, 2017 post
Montana cannabis industry evolving 11,567 hits
Bryon Noem considering divorce 3,821 hits
Martinez, NM Dems likely headed toward deal on cannabis, death penalty 532 hits, 2017 post
Disease ravaging western ungulates after red states slaughter apex predators 511 hits, 2017 post
Earth haters blame enviros for wildland fires but ignore poor ranching practices 466 hits, 2017 post

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