Friday, July 21, 2017

Let's run a Libertarian against Bob Ewing

South Dakota State Senator Bob Ewing (earth hater-31) has just kicked a yellow jacket nest.

Are you a cannabis rights advocate living in Lawrence County and want to get involved to help stop rampant corruption in Pierre?

Contact the South Dakota Libertarian Party or attend the convention tomorrow.
We couldn’t come up with a better place to celebrate freedom than Monk’s House of Ale Repute in Sioux Falls. We also have 2 special guests representing New Approach SD, the organization behind the legalization of marijuana, medical marijuana, and Death with Dignity. With your help, all 3 of these issues will be on the ballot in 2018. Melissa Mentele and George Hendrickson will be speaking and they will be available to answer all questions or concerns regarding these proposals. The petitions to sign up for 1, 2, or all 3 initiatives will also be provided. You only need to be a registered voter in South Dakota to sign! [press release]
Nutball Ewing co-sponsored anti-science SB 55 during this year's session and ran unopposed in a Democrat-rich district last cycle.

Gary Johnson did very well in Lawrence County in 2016 - 7.9% was the best in the whole state. Are you from that district? Anybody in mind?

I am still looking for South Dakota conservatives who can mount third party or indie runs for US House, governor, attorney general, auditor, secretary of state and PUC.

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