Wednesday, November 9, 2016

God damn America

Let's face it: Clinton's choice of Tim Kaine was a cowardly act. Bernie Sanders or Brian Schweitzer would have been far better running mates.

Clinton was squishy on cannabis rights and lost in most states where it won. She should have picked a running mate from the western United States. She didn't visit a single tribal nation and refused comment on the Dakota Access Pipeline. She ran a scripted, stuffy campaign and never let her freak flag fly.

One sentence might have altered the outcome. "But, unlike some others, I did inhale."


kw said...

Larry, give me a call. kw

Duffer said...

a week ago the pundits were allowing as to how this week the Repukes would be rebuilding their party . . . . I had a bad feeling it was going to be the other way 'round. This Republican-light shit the Clintons ushered-in back in the 90s ain't workin. Old hippies been saying Sanders was the last chance this country had. Will they be right?

Trump can torch a lot of shit in a short period of time. Recall Cheney. His considerations for AG should be sending chills up all our spines. Cannabis gains, Roe/Wade, (as many others) can be plowed under in a heart-beat. Fascists in the AGs control are chomping at the bit. Barack Obama must be feeling like shit today. Let's go back to January of 2009 - when one of the first things he did was oust Howard Dean (50-state strategy) at the DNC and install Clinton legitimizers . . . . . . first of many mistakes our man made. It takes cajones to run this country - and O didn't have 'em. Nice guy and all that though. We are freakin screwed.

larry kurtz said...

We'll be fine here in New Mexico but my fear is for my daughters living in South Dakota where their rights have been compromised. Flee while you still can, Duff.

Duffer said...

think we'll have to wait for confirmation hearings to see the new administration tip their hand regarding the States' moves toward legalization? I'm holding off moving the permanent flag until I see what these assholes are going to do.

Giuliani and Christie are vindictive sonsabitches.

On another note - the pic of Martha with Snoop brings a smile to my face.

larry kurtz said...

The shit has truly hit the blades. Obama could move cannabis from Schedule I any second now and anyone who believes the filibuster is dead is delusional. Comey should go away and so should Christie. Guiliani could find himself sleeping with the fishes.