Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lalley sacked for not deleting blogger's comments

It's been confirmed by an Argus Leader insider that Patrick Lalley was sacked as news director for not deleting my incendiary comments about John Thune under several articles. According to my source somebody named Daron Petit led the campaign for Lalley's removal.

The Argus invited this interested party to join its Facebook discussion group but like Dakota War College and Dakota 'Free Press' it is too sensitive to advertisers to allow dissent so it sent me into social media exile creating another political refugee.

With the Argus Leader in the tank for the South Dakota Republican Party Patrick Lalley's job might indeed be better held by someone from Iraq but unfortunately Tariq Aziz is no longer available.

Argus Leader webcast 100 Eyes on Politics hasn't aired for several weeks after this interested party was targeted and after my blocking of the panel on Twitter.

Being a pariah is hard but holy fucking jesus the rewards are so transcendentally satisfying!

Thune sycophant Cory Myers is handling day-to-day operations in the newsroom.


Anonymous said...

Are you celebrating Patrick Lalley's departure from the Argus? Are you saying he used his position at the Argus to be a subtle communication tool for the SDGOP?

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the impression that SDGOP legislative candidate Michael Clark is posting on DFP and saying anything to get the Dem & Unaffiliated vote but once elected he will support and vote differently? Could my instincts be wrong?

larry kurtz said...

It's official: the SDGOP has successfully hacked every single "legitimate" media outlet in South Dakota. Now Dana Ferguson is a mouthpiece for them, too.

Anonymous said...

Sadly our home state is a very unhealthy Democracy with hardly any checks and balances. Courts, intense gerrymandering, lack of a fully independent press, and even those rare ambitious investigative reporters are unable to get documents. Heck as mentioned on the now defunct 100 Eyes show even the location of our state Capitol does not help with having a healthy government.

So relieved I escaped. Now working on other family members to leave.