Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Johnson, NM Dems fill blogger's ballot

As promised New Mexico favorite son, Gary Johnson, got my vote for president during early voting at the Santa Fe County Fairgrounds. Democratic candidates got the rest of my ballot.

Six presidential tickets from other than the two major parties made it onto the state's ballot this year. American Indian Movement leader Dennis Banks, famous for his participation in the 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee, is the veep candidate for the Socialism and Liberation Party.

Johnson, who suffered through several Aberdeen winters as a youth and his running mate former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, campaigned in South Dakota. Both are former earth haters. An interview with Johnson aired on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio. Weld talked in Spearditch as part of his whirlwind tour.

At the geezers' breakfast yesterday the guys reminded me that although Governor Johnson left office with a budget surplus he was a shitty executive even appointing Heather Wilson, earth hater former NM US Representative from the First District now President of South Dakota School of Mines, to his cabinet as the state’s Children, Youth and Families Department Administrator in 1996. Wilson recently hosted a Halliburton ecoterrorist during at an event at SDSMT. She sits on the boards of Sioux Falls-based Raven Industries and bankrupt Peabody but has yet to endorse publicly anyone for America's Commander-in-Chief.

Johnson has been enjoying pretty good support in New Mexico garnering around twenty five percent in some polls. Nate Silver, however, plots Johnson's chances of winning the state at two or three percent and is polling about six percent nationwide.

Bob Newland, South Dakota cannabis activist and principal in that state's Libertarian Party, registered this scribe in that party in 1995. Recognizing that maintaining 900+ known US military installations is obscene I self-identify as a progressive with libertarian leanings.

Sick of losing South Dakota Democrats are taking my advice and registering in the earth hater party in record numbers.

NM Democrats are voting early at nearly twice the rate that earth haters are.

Public radio's Living on Earth aired more about the Johnson/Weld ticket, its role in environmental protection and a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

Johnson has told supporters he will not run again in 2020.


Duffer said...

I'm waiting til election day - mainly due to vacillation about pulling the lever for Clinton. I'll certainly pinch my nostrils at the time if that is the case. Talking with new friends in NorCal last Winter - where Bernie out-polled Hilary 3 to one - the general consensus seemed to be that Sanders was the last chance this country had to get things right. I believe that too. Smoke 'em if you got 'em from here out. To quote Lebowski . . . . fuck it man.

On the odd chance that SD voters will look themselves in the mirror before they go to vote . . . and the result is close . . . I don't want to be the one. Some vote of confidence.

You gotta wonder - if Hilary does make it to the finish line (with the whole damn team pulling her over the line) - how does She govern with any type of mandate - knowing the only reason She is there is because She was detested less than the other guy. Wow. Some fucking deal.

Is this a great country, or what?

larry kurtz said...

Just moments ago Our Lady of the Arroyo, who voted for Bernie in the primary, told me that if Trump wins in New Mexico i'll need to find another place to live.

But, hey - i supported Clinton through the primaries and the general even though she's a warmonger and a squish on drug policy but she's way ahead in polling here so my bed is likely still safe.

As always, good to read you, Duff and good luck on election day because anything could happen between now and then.