Thursday, December 17, 2015

Daschle, Lott: Congress at 'Crisis Point'

Montana Senator Max Baucus threw fellow Democrat Tom Daschle under the bus during a pre-confirmation quarrel in 2009.
Why doesn’t anyone mention Tom Daschle when they talk about possible Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate election in 2016? The retirement of the party’s last federal office-holder, U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson, last year left the Democrats without a leader. So the question remains. If not Daschle in 2016, then who? [excerpt, Bob Mercer]
President Obama's pick for Health and Human Services Secretary, Daschle was widely expected to push Congress toward a Medicaid-for-all health care plan as Big Pharma-backed Baucus worked to pass the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare. Daschle withdrew from nomination.

Note during the video introduction that Daschle proudly said he is a Democrat from South Dakota.

How often does anyone say that any more?

With Harry Reid stepping down as Minority Leader and the possibility that Democrats could retake the Senate why wouldn't Tom Daschle, who retains his seniority if elected, want to reach for the brass ring an unvetted, ethics-negative John Thune can't touch?


Duffer said...

because he'd lose by a larger margin in 2016 than he did the last time. South Dakota isn't circling the drain . . . it has been flushed. Bankrupt. Nutbag city.

larry kurtz said...

I'm not convinced of that, Duff. Neither are others in the party. But he's not going to run unless he's guaranteed a win.

Duffer said...

helplessly hoping, but good for you and who(m)ever else has that kind of "faith".

larry kurtz said...

They are one person
They are two alone
They are three together
They are for each other.

larry kurtz said...

Hey, Duff: contrast this with anything John Thune has ever written.

Duffer said...

These things we know to be true . . . yet it makes no difference. The era of leadership by "statesmen" has been suspended - the blame for which lies at the feet of those consumed by greed who mine human prejudices for their own purposes. . . . and at the alters of fundamentalist religions.

You can change the character of this Supreme Court, but it will be only a pyrrhic victory if one does not also remove the tax-exempt status of those churches that preach "politics" from their pulpits. That would be a start - but this disease that plagues has consumed generations.

Rage against the machine . . . but maintain that keen sense of humor. They are, after all, just . . . . assholes.