Monday, December 28, 2015

Colorado judge concerned cannabis in a more dangerous category than cocaine

Update, 30 December, 1420 MST: A Democratic New Mexico legislator has pre-filed a bill resembling Colorado's law that legalizes cannabis. Wyoming Democrat Jim Byrd has drafted legislation that would ease penalties for possession and recognize licenses from states where therapeutic use is legal.


U.S. District Judge R. Brooke Jackson is hearing arguments today in a Colorado cannabis banking case but has no deadline for making a decision.

Colorado Public Radio's Ben Markus and Kristen Wyatt of the Associated Press are covering the hearing.

The federal government has asked the Supreme Court of the United States not to hear a lawsuit brought by Oklahoma and Nebraska Republican attorneys general.
Not all employers are taking the just-say-no approach. Some are rethinking their policies and considering ditching their marijuana bans altogether. [ABA Journal]
Read more on the story here.

Tribal casinos are miniature banks. Colorado could enter a cannabis compact with the Ute Nation in the state and let the tribe be the bank.

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