Monday, September 2, 2013

Olympic paradise found

A trip to the Pacific Northwest has been in cards for some time.

To a man living on the prairie, the high plains and the high desert nothing prepared this interested party for being unable to see beyond the massive stands of fir, pine, cedar and more. It was only until surf was all one could see into an endless horizon that seagoing genetics took over. These photos were captured at Kalaloch:


kw said...

Good to see you out exploring this beautiful country of ours. travel on. where ever you go, there you are. Don't forget us here in Oracle. kw

Deb Geelsdottir said...

Oh yeah, Klaloch is nice. I urge you to go on up the coast to Rialto Beach. It's just north of LaPush. Rialto was my favorite spot on Washington's Pacific coast. It's beautiful, quieter than Klaloch, long, and studded with those gigantic drift logs that came down the Skagit River.

Oh man, I really miss those times spending a day at Rialto. Sunsets were sweet, special events.

So go to Rialto Beach, take some pics and post them here so I can sigh as I reminisce.

Duffer said...

keep yer wits about you while in Forks; and if you find yourself in Dungeness . . . slide on out to The Three Crabs and do a bucket.

Okay, that does it. I'm packin.

larry kurtz said...

Thanks for the comments, folks: life sure is a tasty sandwich.