Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mitt rolls over; ip endorses Varilek

Nate Silver reports from his FiveThiryEight blog that Willard Romney has reached the apex of a momentum curve defining his chances of winning 2012.

The world is watching as Romney flits across the US endorsing President Obama's agenda for the future. Today, the State of Virginia is no longer a battleground falling in line solidly behind the President.

Public Policy Polling:
Obama leads 57/41 with women, 88/8 with African Americans, and 53/42 with young voters. Romney has a 50/45 advantage with men, a 57/41 one with whites, and a 57/41 edge with seniors. Obama’s moved from being slightly behind with independents last week at 45/44 to now slightly ahead at 47/45.
That smell is Romney/Ryan toast.
The sad answer is there is no way to know what Mr. Romney really believes.--From the Washington Post endorsement of President Obama.
It's official: interested party endorses Matt Varilek for South Dakota's lone US House seat. South Dakota and Montana: elect Democrats to the House and Senate to save the US from red state collapse.

Massive global turnouts are expected for two funerals of larger-than-life South Dakota leaders: speeches praising their bold initiatives from all quarters are expected to energize the Democratic base going forward.

David Montgomery at the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:
Congressional candidate Matt Varilek today accused Rep. Kristi Noem’s campaign of “selling access” to her for campaign donations.



freegan said...

You say" South Dakota and Montana: elect Democrats to the House and Senate to save the US from red state collapse". I say we have been there done that and were still headed for collapse. We should secede and go back to our republic roots. Democracy is the other 51% trying to tell me how to live my life. Heck voluntary anarchy would even be better! We are basically livin that way here and loving it.

larry kurtz said...

It's difficult to argue with you except to say that anarchy is rarely voluntary.