Thursday, August 12, 2010

ip poll results

Actually, it was amazing to see how many people voted on questions meant to be so hideously skewed.

Damned near half of respondents agree with ip that South Dakota is profoundly broken; hardly surprising. 3 out of 4 believe that voters will agree to give patients legal access to medicine despite single-party rule in South Dakota. But, most surprisingly, ONE HALF of the people who voted on the Mexico for Statehood poll apparently believe it's an elegant response to xenophobia masquerading as "immigration reform." Maybe, the 11 people that did not vote on that poll think ip is merely just another extremist crackpot interfering with the plunder of South Dakota by industries lining the pockets of legislators.

So hey. Thank you to all that visit interested party!


TGrindAdams said...

Keep on polling.

larry kurtz said...

Hey T! What have you always wanted polled but didn't know where to poll it?