Saturday, August 7, 2010

interested party is 6 months old

ip would like to thank Bob Newland, Cory Heidelberger, Kevin Woster, and Joani for making me do this. Bob, because he has the guts I've never had. Cory, because he's smarter than I'll ever be. Kevin, because he's a better writer than nearly every other South Dakotan. Joani, for all the other reasons.

So, in the winter (of course) of 2001, the world suspended disbelief as the United States of America allowed a court to determine the outcome of a presidential election. When the Rapid City Journal put itself on the Web and interested party was created as a commenter to get the call to revolution to readers, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney plotted and executed the plunder of the US Treasury in response to the addition of Vladimir Putin's name to the list of the world's richest men. After too many posts were censored and during yet another brutal South Dakota January this time in 2010, interested party celebrated daughter, Madeline's 15th birthday by creating this web address.

It is my sincere wish that Attorney General Eric Holder is diligently compiling the evidence to indict the entire Bush White House, convict it, load up the whole works, and fly it on the first manned mission to Uranus.

Tell ip what you think.


Douglas said...

Keep on keeping on. The more voices the merrier. One-track muddling in South Dakota and to an extent surrounding states has not helped us.

Issues tend to appear to have only two sides in the mainstream press, but there may be literally hundreds of better options never considered.

larry kurtz said...

Thank you, Doug. Blogging is a blast!