Friday, April 16, 2010

Historic Preservation and Art

Nancy calls her MJ, we call her Willy. Neighbor, gardener, traveler, founder, firefighter, jazzivore. Helena native, MJ Williams, has a new album. If her 'bone doesn't melt you, her voice will.

Basin, Montana is a basin, indeed; pretty much smack dab in the
middle of the Boulder Batholith, the richest hydrothermal ore-body on Planet Earth, now it's a smouldering hotbed of art. The Montana Artists Refuge, built by a community of intellect and talent so expansive that its sheer gravity compelled it to well here, Nancy and Willy are two of its Founding Mothers.

Elegance is available for trekkers seeking respite just thirteen miles from the Continental Divide Trail; the Stone House is Willy and Nancy's way of bringing Jefferson County's mill history to visitors while Basin Creek laughs its way to the Boulder River just yards farther downstream.

Our house is the green one with the Hobie in the yard, just knock.

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