Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Howdy Doody Dusty took cannabis money

Rapid City-based Black Hills Corp is cutting a fat hog in Colorado's cannabis industry selling many megawatts of electricity to grow/ops.
Industrial Agriculture is a growing customer segment comprised primarily of cannabis-related farming activities. In contrast to the trends characterizing Black Hills’ aforementioned industrial customer class, growth in both the number and overall energy demand associated with the industrial agriculture loads has been trending upwards since early 2013. [Black Hills Energy, 2016 Electric Resource Plan]
Recall that in 2014 nerdling Howdy Doody Dusty Johnson accompanied South Dakota's lackluster-now-lame duck executive to a taxpayer-funded Western Governors Conference soiree in Colorado Springs where the pair met with industry mucky-mucks. Guess what: it paid off. Dusty hauled in at least $14,150 from those dudes last cycle. Xcel Energy is another utility reaping the green whirlwind so they gave Dusty $2500.

Pee in a cup, Dusty.

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