Friday, January 6, 2017

South Dakota has become a whitetopia, Trump doomsday destination

As the Earth warms United Van Lines is touting South Dakota as a white earth haters' destination replacing Oregon at number one.
Vermont was second, Idaho fourth and South Carolina fifth. Many Southern and Western states had more people moving in than moving out, while several Northeastern states saw high rates of outbound moves. [KGW teevee]
The moving company is part of Unigroup: a Republican campaign donor.

White Republicans are leaving blue states that subsidize red states for racist, regressive states like South Dakota after the state's climate denier governor has made it a permanent disaster area.

The Rapid City Journal is reporting that a San Diego investor is leasing Trump doomsday shelters at the former Army depot a few miles from Edgemont even as a nearby uranium mine is being called a "toxic waste dump site."

Minorities are few and apartheid hides American Indians in concentration camps: out of sight; out of mind.

This NPR story verbalizes the decision of one progressive to flee a town once touted as western South Dakota's destination of choice after fourteen years raising two children who escaped hours after their own high school graduations in 1991 and in 1995 for the University of Wyoming. It was good, too. Our meticulously preserved 1902 Furois-built arts and crafts on Canyon Street was adjacent to Spearfish's magical city park.

Not really South, not really Dakota: the state represents everything that is wrong with America. But, South Dakota Democrats, be stalwart: it's nothing that the Yellowstone supervolcano won't fix.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Rep. Matt Wollman (R) is now under investigation for having consensual intercourse with interns 2015 thru 2016. The SDGOP desperately needs a distraction. Time to introduce those old trusty culture war bills that will sure to take the heat off of their misdeeds again.

Will these white guys, May, Disanto, Jenna whatever now ever have a session where they actually get real work done that actually helps normal everyday working stiffs White, Native, Black, Asian, Somali, Hispanic and others in SD?

larry kurtz said...

Pierre truly is a sewer of biblical proportions and we just see the turds on top.

Anonymous said...

Will they need to expand the duties of the Sergeant of Arms to include the installation and inspection
US Patent 08505543
Male chastity apparatus, system, and method when male legislators are in Pierre during session?

The Hypocrisy never ends yet despite incompetence and craziness as long as they have that (R) by their name they get elected and re-elected in South Dakota.

larry kurtz said...

Men are pigs. Daugaard should be like Putin and brag about how good the whoring is in Pierre.

Anonymous said...

"Game, Fish and Plunder" I love that!

Anonymous said...

There was a disruption in the time space continuum on November 8th 2017 and we are now living in a Star Trek mirror universe episode with Earth in the early stages of the Terran Empire

Will Trump use the SDGOP model for running South Dakota as a template for building the Terran Empire?

Anonymous said...

Anyway you could change the meme on your twitter feed "We are Boycotting Nordstroms" to Welcome to South Dakota? It would be a great billboard just outside of the SD state border coming in on highways from Minnesota, ND, Montana and Wyoming.

larry kurtz said...

Baby boomers are fleeing South Dakota according to Allied Van Lines.