Monday, January 2, 2017

Apeshit: Daugaard, SDGFP are arrogant assholes

I began playing in Jerry Apa's illegal poker games in the basement of the Bodega in Deadwood somewhere around 1985. It was a seminal time in bringing gaming to the Gulch.

The late Mike O'Connell was a founding father and every time Apa would go on tilt in a poker game Mike would shout, "he's gone apeshit!" The name stuck. A former Lead mayor, a lifelong earth hater and member of the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers, Apa recently penned a scathing indictment of South Dakota Republican Party leadership and its ownership of SD Game Fish and Plunder.
I find it incredibly arrogant of the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Department (GF&P) to ask for letters of support from the Lawrence County Commission and the cities of Lead, Deadwood and Spearfish when there has not been one public hearing on their concept for a state park in Spearfish Canyon. In fact, GF&P had not met with the Spearfish Canyon Owners Association (SPOA), the stakeholders most affected with this plan, until Dec. 15. Two members of the SPOA traveled to Pierre to attend the GF&P Commission meeting and present information to the commission that had been sent to the GF&P on Feb.9, 2016; information that GF&P had never presented to the GF&P Commission. The effort by GF&P to suppress this information speaks volumes about GF&P’s ethics and transparency. I served eight years on the South Dakota Senate Appropriations Committee, the last six years as Senate Chair. How does this project benefit taxpayers? They can enjoy the area for free now. Why create more government and more fees? [Apeshit, Rapid City Journal]
As Governor Denny Daugaard sues to prevent Pe'Sla from becoming federal trust land the Sicangu Oyate has filed an opposition to transfer of land in Spearditch Canyon to the racist State of South Dakota.

Herded by Senator don Juan Thune (earth hater-SD) the failed red state's extremist delegation is trying to force the land grab through Congress. The Forest Service has told the state to go fuck themselves.

The City of Lead has an opportunity to fix itself but saddled with another earth hater mayor the town struggles to survive.

South Dakota-owned lands are already ravaged. Gaia may not even be enough to fix those.

This post went up a full hour before twerp Cory Heidelberger put one up on the same topic: proof he relies on interested party to lead the way.

Last year this interested party told Daugaard that the blog would support his land grab if he backed the kurtz cannabis template. So far that has yet to happen.


Anonymous said...

you can't be serious with the offer, he won't support cannibis if his life depended on it. It doesn't involve waste storage...

larry kurtz said...

You know the SD Democratic Party is dead when Marty Jackley is leading cannabis reform.

Duffer said...

well . . . . if you define (cannabis reform) as what Jack-boot actually said; but it is, as you say, more than any Dem candidate has ever laid out there. I think Jackley took his cue on this from that fat, fascist, pharmacist chick who shows up with all the redneck cops at committee hearings to crush any effort for reform.

The State Dem party hasn't shown any cajones since Jim Abourezk walked.

Happy New Year gents!

larry kurtz said...

If somebody like JR LaPlante got into 2018 attorney general race that could be a place where a Democrat might win.

larry kurtz said...

"The problem with Apa’s criticism is that it is misdirected. He levies his disgust at South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks without acknowledging that this Park Proposal in Spearfish Canyon is not GFP’s brain child. This is Daugaard’s circus and it’s his monkey and all GFP is doing is trying to identify the mines and negotiate the minefield." comment, John W.