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Can you help George identify his bio dad?

The following letter is from George Schmitz. He was born to my mother, Harriet Craig, before she met and married my dad and has asked to use this platform to identify, locate, perhaps even contact, his biological father. The man on the right in the above photo is our maternal grandfather. George believes one of the other men in the image is his father. If anyone knows their identities please contact him or me.

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July 2016

Larry thanks for posting my story. Every day I get closer and every day my time is running out. It will be interesting to see where they intersect.


READERS – I could use your help.

My name is George B. Schmitz. However, I was baptized Anthony Craig in Omaha Nebraska in 1943. I determined the name of my biological mother many years ago. I have a bit of information about my biological father, but, have not been able to identify him. You can see that I am now 73 years old. I would like to know my father’s name. Please see if you can help me.

Following is information which may help you the reader help me George B. Schmitz of St. Louis Missouri determine my biological father.

1. I determined the identity of my mother many years ago. She was Harriet Mae Craig who was born in 1922. She lived in Norfolk, Columbus and Omaha Nebraska and after marriage in Elkton South Dakota. Her married name was Kurtz. My biological mother Harriet Mae Craig Kurtz died in 2013.

2. I was conceived on a blind date in Cheyenne Wyoming in 1942. I was born May 14, 1943.

3. My biological father age 22 was a U. S. Military serviceman who was likely stationed at Warren Military Base, Cheyenne Wyoming (at least in 1942). Warren Military Base was an Army Air Corp and Quartermaster Corp installation. I believe my mother’s cousin lived in Cheyenne Wyoming and set up this blind date. The cousin’s name was Gerhardt Robert Messersmith. He was known to most as Bob Messersmith. He worked for the Union Pacific Railroad. Bob Messersmith was born in 1910 and died in 1989. He is buried in St. Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus Nebraska. Bob’s wife’s name was Roberta. In all likelihood Bob Messersmith knew the serviceman who was my biological father. Ring a bell in anyone’s head? Anyone know of him? Send me your ideas.

4. Although I was placed in the Saint James Orphanage in Omaha immediately after birth, the actual birth took place at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Omaha. And, a birth certificate was likely prepared. Records indicate that my mother Harriet Craig named me Anthony Craig – after her father? And, although I was living at the Orphanage, my care was being paid for by my mother and I was not immediately put up for adoption. Several months later (just prior to her marriage), Harriet Craig finally consented to my adoption. What does this tell you? Can you help me?

5. Male line DNA testing has indicated a strong likelihood that the surname of my biological father was McKinney, McNeil, McLeod, or Childress. Although these names have a likelihood, I certainly would not rule out other names. The Omaha Orphanage relayed to me that my biological father’s name was quite rare in current national data and may have more than one spelling.

6. My mother’s family relayed to me that my ‘file’ at the Omaha Orphanage could contain the name Herman Osterhoff as my father as that was a fictious name used by my mother when she had no one else to blame things on as a youngster. However, a Herman Osterhoff has been determined to have lived nearly ‘next door’ to the Messersmith family while they lived in/near Humphrey Nebraska 1921- 1930. Herman Osterhoff and Bob Messersmith could have been very good childhood friends. The Osterhoff’s moved to Webster / Waubay South Dakota in 1930. Records seem to indicate that this Herman Osterhoff changed his name to Sylvester Osterhoff. He died in 1998 and is buried in Lakewood Cemetery – Waubay South Dakota. Is he connected?

7. Orphanage records indicate that my mother notified my biological father of the actual or potential pregnancy and his response was, “it is not possible”. So, I believe he at least knew of the possibility that he had a child.

I AM ASKING FOR YOUR HELP. Does any of this ring a bell. Do you know of anyone who might have been in Cheyenne Wyoming in 1942 and seems to match any of the above information?


George B. Schmitz

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I tell my Blue State friends jokingly that if they are ever having a bad day to remind themselves and be grateful they do not live in South Dakota.