Friday, November 6, 2015

Breaking Bad comes to Pierre

Dennis Daugaard is Walter White. Marty Jackley is Saul Goodman. Jim Seward is Mike Ehrmantraut. Kevin Schieffer is Gustavo Fring. Tony Venhuizen is Jesse Pinkman. Melody Schopp is Skyler White. Heather Wilson is Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. Jeff Sveen is Todd Alquist. Richard Benda is Gale Boetticher. Walter Dale Miller is Hector Salamanca. Joop Bollen is Declan. Mike Rounds is Ted Beneke. Laurie Gill is Marie Schrader. Nicole Westerhuis is Jane. Scott Westerhuis is Tortuga. Conner Westerhuis is Drew Sharp. Kathryn Johnson is Gretchen Schwartz. Doyle Estes is Elliot Schwartz. The Division of Criminal Investigation is the Albuquerque Police Department.

Hank? Gomey? You tell me, Mr. Seiler, Mr. Mercer.

Bet she rocks a Speedo.

“Things are not working in Indian country,” she said. “We're open and ready for change, but it has to come from outside (the department), not from within.”

Scott Westerhuis has allegedly murdered his family, torched his house and turned a shotgun on himself. Melody Schopp and Rick Melmer are players.

Sure, we can stroke some obese Republican teacher for sucking hard on Melody Schopp's pencil eraser but politics has driven Sarah Lutz' climax.

Lutz is married to South Dakota's deputy state auditor: an office that has enabled Jason Gant and his handmaiden, Pat Powers, to delete documents pertinent to Bendagate and to the Westerhuis murders.

South Dakota's Republican governor says tribal governments are corrupt.
"It's like they are their own states, in a way," Daugaard said of the reservations.
Yes, Denny: the weeds are calling the grass green...again.
Chief Justice David Gilbertson: Are you saying that the nine reservations in South Dakota that the circuit courts in those areas have no legal authority or jurisdiction to summon tribal members to sit on state juries?
Bernard: Yes.
Gilbertson: Wow.
Despair means nothing left to lose. Ending poverty ends despair. Lose poverty, lose despair.

Arnie Schopp is one lucky clod buster, init?

In a state where good teachers are more in demand than good cops are the circle jerk continues.

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