Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mayor: Hot Springs on a roll

Hot Springs could be something someday if it wanted to be: the town has recently expanded its social media platform and the Mammoth Site is at the focus of scientific research on a 9300-year-old mummified bison uncovered there.

Nearby Wind Cave National Park is a perennial favorite destination for ecotourists and is within biking distance of the Mickelson Trail. There is a movement to bring a mountain bike race to the area that would rival the Black Hills Fat Tire Festival. Real estate is affordable and historic properties abound.

If passenger rail ever happens nearby Maverick Junction will no doubt be a stop. My maternal grandparents honeymooned in Hot Springs where Evans Plunge became the Black Hills' first commercial tourist attraction.

A planning and development class at Black Hills State University recently delivered to Hill City a packet of concepts to improve access to tourism-related activities.
Students focused on promoting three of Hill City’s strengths – culture and heritage, outdoors, and wine and craft beer. These three market niches are already established in the community and provide the best options for growth, students said. The group brainstormed events that fit into these niche markets, including a history scavenger hunt, dinner tour of local restaurants and a public art walk. The group also identified several challenges Hill City faces, such as budget issues, the seasonality of businesses and website presentation to visitors. Many Hill City businesses close in October and reopen in May. Students suggested that the town support more off-season events, enticing locals or community members from the surrounding area to visit Hill City. [BHSU Communications]
This blogger passed BHSU's article on community organizing to a Hot Springs official.

The South Dakota Democratic Party should book their 2016 state convention in Hot Springs.


Bill Dithmer said...

Happy New Year Larry. Its going to get down to 0 here in Mo tonight. That to fucking cold, we might need to move farther south.

I dont know what happened to HS, it was rocking in the 60s, and now if it weren't for museums, I wouldnt have much to do when I went there. Are there once again humans swimming in the cement river known as Evens Plunge?

The Blindman

larry kurtz said...

Hey, Bill: we had 10 above just south of Santa Fe, too. Our well pump failed so i have been hauling water from the windmill during windy, shitty weather with valves breaking and hoses freezing.

We feel lucky because it's warming up and we'll be in shorts again next week.

Always good to read you, Blindman!