Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thune, Noem donors committing ecocide

Here are several more reasons young people and tribal members should be concerned about midterm elections: Rep. Kristi Noem (earth hater-SD) wants to end environmental protections.
BROOKINGS, S.D. – Have you noticed the black snow in Eastern South Dakota? According to Anthony Bly, SDSU Extension Soils Field Specialist, this year there is more soil on top of the melting snow drifts than in previous years. He explains that although black snow is not common in South Dakota, black snow is a regular occurrence in central Iowa along interstate 35 and other areas where snow piles up in drifts because of their widespread use of intensive fall tillage. “This evidence of soil erosion by wind, is created by lack of soil cover. In South Dakota it could be caused by the fact that planting dates have been moved up. As a result more intensive fall tillage has been used to promote early drying of surface soil in the spring,” Bly said. [910 Ranch Radio]

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Lowe will address the Beadle County Democratic Forum on Thursday. Lowe was state wildland fire director for 11 years. He now owns a business in Rapid City. The public is welcome to attend. [Huron Plainsman]

A team of four biofuels supporters had the chance to meet with Sen. John Thune (R-SD) last week while in Washington DC for the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) Biofuels Beltway March. [Cindy Zimmerman]

South Dakota's earth hater governor is feeling the sting of his party's rebellion against him and his inability to reverse the state's failure to thrive. Ag producers have destroyed shelterbelts to plant industrial crops that deplete aquifers and now drought is blowing toxin-laden silt into downwind states.
Since the construction of Gavins Point Dam in the mid-1950s, Lewis and Clark Lake has lost 29 percent of its original storage capacity to sediment build-up. That’s not surprising. Put a plug in a muddy river, and mud is going to collect. The problem has been a slow-moving train, and the federal government has been standing on the tracks watching it grow bigger and bigger on the horizon. With every year that passes, the solution becomes more complex and more expensive. [editorial, Mitchell Daily Republic]

Kristi Noem and the United States House GOP voted again, for the 51st time, to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Those votes are totally worthless. Has anyone figured out how much time and tax dollars have been spent on these repeal votes? If Rep. Noem is really serious about changing or repealing the ACA, she should spend her time working to craft a real health care plan, a workable compromise that stands a chance of getting bipartisan support and improving Americans’ health care situation. But being a true tea party supporter, last September, Rep. Noem voted to force a government shutdown and default on America’s debt to once again try to defund the Affordable Care Act. Rep. Noem, stop wasting government tax dollars to fight a law that has been enacted and is working. Let the Affordable Care Act work. Use your time for something more constructive instead of destructive. We can’t afford to waste more tax dollars on your worthless anti-Affordable Care Act votes. [letter, Arlen Hanson, Aberdeen American News]

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