Monday, March 7, 2011

Mary Garrigan spotlights JR LaPlante; more on "Koch" prank

March 8, 11:34, breaking: unanamimous Senate approval sends tribal ID bill to governor.

As the Democrats seem to be bringing House Bill 1242 codifying the use of tribal identification cards as the equivalent of certain state-issued documents for identification purposes to the floor of the fascist-dominated South Dakota Legislature still chortling over the belch of Hotchkiss guns 120 years later, Bob Mercer's maybe coincidental post reminding South Dakotans about Real ID pinged ip's race radar.

Mary Garrigan brought this story on Roger Campbell, a Republican out-of-stater who parachuted into the feel-good, symbolic, smacking-of-appeasement post as Indian education director. But it was her excellent piece on the appointment of Leroy "JR" LaPlante as secretary of the newly created South Dakota Department of Tribal Relations that suggested that maybe people are getting more serious about healing the scars of hate. Mr. LaPlant is a wearily ubiquitous christian submitting to an autocratic GOP/wasicu administration making his choice highly suspicious.

From the Rapid City Journal:

Rosebud Sicangu Lakota elder and spiritual leader Albert White Hat spoke about the responsibilities and burdens that his nephew would face in his new job. "A lot of us still don't trust the state. Some of us have scars that we'll take to our grave," White Hat said, before praying over his nephew with an eagle feather to ask the Eagle Nation to assist him. The Bad Nation Singers, a drum group from the Crow Creek Reservation, offered Lakota flag and honor songs to the Great Spirit during the ceremony. A history of broken promises and the historic underfunding of treaty obligations is part of the challenge of his new job, LaPlante knows, but he echoes the governor in saying he wants to see new collaborations and fresh ideas in state-tribal relations. "We are mutually tied to the land and citizens of South Dakota, both Indian and non-Indian," he said.

Stephanie Rissler and LaPlante on Bill Janklow's idea of public tv.

It remains to be seen how the warrior societies will receive yet another Republican lawyer this time speaking Lakota filling one more position in another failed red state.

Here is more on Ian Murphy's prank call to Wisconsin Governor Walker:

Dennysthetics is evidence of Rehberg's desperate campaign.

We already know the the Apostle Paul was mentally ill. Was he gay, too?

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