Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spearfish boy saddened by hometown

It's no secret that ip loathes Spearditch.  Hammering on the failures of that community, including the potential razing of the 1924 structure built as Spearfish High School, has been favorite fodder in the comment section of the Rapid City Journal, where ip's rants heaping scorn on the demolition of historic buildings are often redacted.

 A plea for the preservation of that building currently housing East Elementary through adaptive reuse recently appeared as a Forum piece:

Picture this: A gorgeous brick 1920s era high school with all of its large, multi-paned windows and doors replaced. Spacious rooms are transformed into condos and apartments. The quaint auditorium is restored and useable for lectures, small concerts and seminars.
Those words are of Kevin Miller, an alumnus. Two children from one of ip's former lives also attended grades there.

So, ip contracted the drywall and plaster finishes in Lead where the Bates Brothers built condos in the former grade school, in the Homestake Opera House, and in numerous other historic properties in Lawrence County since '92. French Bryan and Taffy Tucker did a beautiful job at the Queen City Hotel; yes, ip did the drywall there, too.  In 2004, the last project in the ditch was the second floor location of Bella Luce in the Lown Mercantile. Ed and Kathy Dykstra did magnificent work at the building that houses Good Earth Natural Foods.

My flight from LawCo and the chemical toilet that is now South Dakota has left saving Spearfish to you, Kevin.  ip is done.

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