Friday, November 12, 2010

Wyoming, South Dakota battle for the bottom

From the online Casper Star-Tribune:

Republicans won nine state House seats and three state Senate seats this year, giving them a 50-10 majority in the House and a 26-4 majority in the Senate. That’s the most dominant the GOP has been in the Legislature since 1921.

Predicting legislative races in Wyoming can be tougher than in other states.

For one thing, Wyoming legislative districts are the smallest by population in the country: As of 2002, the average Senate district had 16,459 people, while the average House district had just 8,230 people, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Because a comparatively small number of voters decide the election, it’s harder to predict the outcome.

Interestingly, though, only 66 percent of registered Wyoming voters turned out for the general election. That’s the lowest turnout for a midterm election in Wyoming since 1978, according to the Wyoming secretary of state’s office.

Water quality and environmental issues get ignored in red states where greed is good.

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