Thursday, December 27, 2018

New Mexico Legislature will drive progressive session

My elected officials here in the Land of Enchantment are preparing a session that is the virtual inverse of the extremist and xenophobic dreck being concocted by the earth haters in the capital of my home state of South Dakota.

Just for instance, New Mexico's Democratic governor and unpaid legislators will not just legalize cannabis they are expected to pass legislation making a death with dignity legal for people with terminal illnesses.
Medical Aid In Dying (MAID) is currently legal in seven states and Washington, D.C., covering about 18 percent of the U.S. population. Oregon has 20 years of data that clearly show MAID is safe, effective, used infrequently, and has never led to a case of abuse or misuse. Perhaps most importantly, MAID seems to contribute to more people having their advance directives in place, greater access to palliative care and earlier use of hospice. [Know the facts before opposing an end-of-life options law]
New Mexico's flag has been named the coolest in America. The above image was captured at Mount Rushmore National Monument in the occupied Black Hills.

Voted the best dispensary in town Fruit of the Earth Organics, "the only cannabis dispensary in Santa Fe that grows all its plants for patients outdoors under the big hot sun, using butterflies and ladybugs as helpers," also offers a CBD store despite a Federal Drug Administration ruling calling it illegal. Big Dope, Ultra Health has announced its intention to grow hemp at two of their New Mexico locations.

In a related story the University of New Mexico will offer a Spring course in cannabis communication.

The South Dakota Republican Party isn't about growth; it's about keeping Social Security recipients alive long enough to pay the property taxes that sustain red state failure. My advice to the people forced to cover predator-plagued Pierre? Everybody with business in Hughes and Stanley Counties should wear a body cam for their own protection.


Kal Lis said...

Haven't stopped by for a while. Sorry about that.

Your last couple of paragraphs reminded of my time in Dickinson, North Dakota in the 1980s, the prevailing wisdom was that the city commissioners would do everything to pay the college kids enough to live but keep them too poor to leave.

larry kurtz said...

Thanks for stopping by, Leo! Long-timers here in New Mexico often call it the Land of Entrapment but that hasn't happened to this scribe as of yet. It's probably pathological to admit it's too hard to leave South Dakota to its own descent into Hell and helping the process along but it isn't much fun anymore now that it has become so horrible to witness. Good to see you've returned to writing about my home state!