Thursday, September 24, 2015

Earth is too precious for a Republican president

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads Senator Bernie Sanders 43% to 22% in a new survey conducted by Public Policy Polling.
PPP's new Iowa poll finds Donald Trump continuing to lead in the state with 24% to 17% for Ben Carson, and 13% for Carly Fiorina. Trump's recent comments about President Obama waging a war on Christianity don't hurt him much with the GOP base.
Read the results here.

Clinton has renounced TranCanada's ecocidal Keystone XL pipeline and the Bakken oil fields with their man-camps are becoming ghost towns.

Dams on the Missouri River are causing the extinction of pallid sturgeon which feed on invasive species like the zebra mussels now infesting the system.

The Obama administration has passed over the Greater Sage Grouse for endangered species protection but has expanded the preservation of habitat with the biggest land protection initiative so far in the Obama years and in all of US Bureau of Land Management history.

A panelist on WAMU'S Diane Rehm Show remarked that Vice President Joe Biden is right: "Sunnistan, Shiastan, and Kurdistan" is the eventual outcome for Iraq.

So, fellow Dems: if Bernie Sanders is unelectable and you believe Clinton is a political millstone, would you like to see Al Gore in this race?


Duffer said...

count me in Lar'

Biden and Clinton both scare the bejeezus out of me . . . . and as much as I'd like to see a "progressive" lead this country (donations to Bernie), there is too much evil in the U.S. electoral process to allow that to happen in 2016.

larry kurtz said...

With the process rigged to protect the 1% there's no way a person of modest means will ever be POTUS again, Duff. Maybe that would change if community organizers create an alternative political party to win in local elections like county commission and mayor: a process ALEC has been doing for earth haters.

Anonymous said...

Anarchy is the only way. We are all equals and as equals we need no rulers. This does not mean no rules though. Practice nonviolence!