Sunday, November 23, 2014

SDDP affiliated forum begun

It's too bad South Dakota doesn't have an effective Democratic blog presence.

When Republican Pat Powers removed his content from public view to take a job in the South Dakota Secretary of State's office his blog continued to run with little outcry except from us - the disaffected. In the interest of transparency this blogger has engaged Cory Heidelberger to make Madville Times a party-affiliated forum: he has refused. PP was ruled a member of 'The Fourth Estate' by a judge while Heidelberger seems to believe his independence will be compromised. Furthermore, Madville's hosting space for a Republican whose fortune is being spent on that party's candidates is an embarrassment.

When this blog asked Susan Wismer to run for governor she told me Cory and Madville Times were just too radical for her, hence Cory supported Joe Lowe in the primary so that weblog never really got behind Rep. Wismer as a gubernatorial candidate.

Although Mr. Heidelberger has been a thorough investigator, a persuasive voice for liberals in South Dakota and deserving of praise, Madville Times hasn't delivered for Democratic voters.

While the author of interested party is a staunch Democrat and has been 100% correct on how to run a credible political campaign ip is far too radical to represent South Dakota Democrats in the party's present deflated context.

The Dakota Progressive intends to be a temperate but unwavering voice and will be a SDDP affiliated forum after it can raise enough money to compete with the SDGOP blog, Dakota War College.

Guest contributors can contact the creator of The Dakota Progressive through interested party or at my twitter account.


Tim said...

"Madville Times hasn't delivered for Democratic voters."

You can lead stupid SD voters, er, a horse to water but you can't make it drink. I agree Madville shouldn't be the forum, after all, I'm sure the SDDP will continue to do stupid things, and myself personally, I wouldn't want Cory's ability to be objective to be comprimised.

Bob said...

Insanity is as insanity does.

caheidelberger said...

I look forward to studying your effort so I can figure out just what a Democratic-affiliated forum is supposed to look like. If it turns out to be nothing more than a Democratic version of Dakota War College, ignoring the truth and throwing insults, what value will it add?

larry kurtz said...

Jeff Barth: commandeer the South Dakota Democratic Party on my mark.