Thursday, October 7, 2010

United States of North America is one step closer

From the Utne Reader:

Some things are meant to be united as one, like milk and cookies, or cream pie and the face of a sad clown, or—Canada and the United States? Les Horswill concludes as much in the Canadian culture quarterly Maisonneuve (Winter 2009), arguing that the “Canada-U.S. border blinkers our thinking, even when we believe we’re thinking big.” He proposes that Canada form a greater North American federation, with Washington, D.C., as the capital, Canadians eligible to run for office (including president), and congressional representation extended northward. If none of this sounds particularly radical, perhaps the time has come to swap maple syrup recipes.

Sound familiar?

At a time when China is moving toward super-power status it seems increasingly prudent to consider merging several countries into one mega-power capable of exerting quieting strength over a burgeoning economic megalith under one President and one Congress.


caheidelberger said...

North American unification as realpolitik check on China? I'd like to hear Kissinger's take on that proposal. Fascinating!

And a Canadian president... how about William Shatner? :-)

larry kurtz said...

Or Neil Young or Joni Mitchell?

Thanks for coming by, Cory.