Friday, October 22, 2010

NPR finally jettisons Williams

Let's be clear: Juan Williams makes my butt tired. Always has.

When he became Senior News Analyst (mostly to give the more gifted and more cerebral Dan Schorr a break), he quickly revealed himself as the token conservative amidst a gaggle of reporting and on-air staff that look more like me. You know, raving radicals. Williams' perspective on Bush-era crimes too often displayed an apologist's tone. His moonlighting at FOX was like having sand lacing the food of the gods that NPR provides its listenership.

From NPR's ombudsman, Alicia Shepard:

In 2008, I received 378 emails complaining about remarks Williams made on Fox – but I heard very little about his comments on NPR. My February 2009 blog post on the Stokely Carmichael incident drew 216 comments – many asking why NPR put up with Williams' dual role.

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