Friday, February 2, 2018

South Dakota Libertarians will spoil Dems' 2018 chances

Straight out of the Dick Wadhams playbook: Libertarian Party candidate George Hendrickson has filed with the Federal Election Commission for South Dakota's lone US House seat running to the left of Democrat Tim Bjorkman on cannabis and civil liberties giving an easy win to whichever earth hater is nominated in June.

Libertarian candidate for South Dakota governor CJ Abernathey has announced his intention to run to the left of Democrat Billie Sutton on cannabis and civil liberties giving an easy win to whichever earth hater is nominated for that race in June.

In 2014 flip-flopping Larry Pressler was enlisted by earth hater operative Wadhams to run to the left in South Dakota's US Senate race as an unaffiliated candidate and successfully eroded Democrat Rick Weiland's base of support.

Fact is: the best way to a strong two party system in South Dakota is for arch-conservatives to launch a third party. South Dakota's most ardent earth haters are still looking for principled conservatives to run in statewide elections. Shad Olson, Stace Nelson, Neal Tapio and Lora Hubbel could be those candidates.


Anonymous said...

Governor Jackley will have the super majority SDGOP legislature very busy in the 2019 legislative session.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts or prayers?

larry kurtz said...

The Jackley/Noem bloodbath will certainly warm the cockles of my heart. Let the spectacle begin!

Anonymous said...

Governor Jackley or Noem with an emboldened super majority SDGOP legislature backed by the Trump administration will turn South Dakota into a religious police state. Public schools and universities will be gutted in favor of home schooled extremists. Flyover country indeed.

larry kurtz said...

Honestly? I think Noem is going to go down in flames.