Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bundy-inspired SD legislator would bleed the beast

South Dakota is the fourth most dependent moocher state yet its governor says he hates dependency.
South Dakota Stock Growers Association leaders are questioning what they’re calling an unbalanced response of federal land management agencies to fires that burned public and private land. Representative Lynne DiSanto is bringing forward a bill, on behalf of the Stock Growers Association, that would hold the federal government responsible for their actions. [Today's KCCR]
Disturbing soils can allow the growth of plants that had been introduced by European settlers in the 19th Century. After a century of destructive ranching practices invasive grasses infest northwestern South Dakota.

The US Forest Service knew an advancing cold front would aid the clearing of foot-high grasses and mowed a fire break instead of using a disk to make a fire line. Snow showers ended the fire.

There were no injuries and the only structure lost was a derelict rural schoolhouse. Cost to We the People for managing the Pautre Fire was about $1 million. No livestock was lost and there was minimal damage to fences. 3,519 acres of federal and 7,160 acres of private property were cleared of invasive grasses.

DiSanto supports the actions of the sleeper cell of armed christianic militants holding a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon: a procedure known as "Bleeding the Beast."

DiSanto's insurance company husband, Mark has announced he's getting into the Pennington County commission race: Rapid City Journal.


Anonymous said...

LK, time for AIM to get involved over at Burns. The inbreds are fucking with TEN THOUSAND year old sacred sites and antiquities. I'm callin' my friends in AIM tomorrow. I can't sit back and watch this shit. FUCK them inbred mormmmon bastards! That is my country over there! I was raised in that country! Left in '69 for Nam, and then to Montana. But it's STILL my home!


larry kurtz said...

I hear you, Larry. Looks like the feds are waiting for those bastards to blink rather than face another Ruby Ridge fiasco. Harney County is named for a war criminal just like South Dakota's highest point is. After this siege ends Oregon needs to revisit its history and make things right with tribes.